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Welcome to Motortalk

Hello and welcome to the Pit Stop, the place to visit to find out what’s happening in the big, wide world of motoring. There’s a calendar to keep you abreast of motoring and motor sport events – new vehicle releases, events worth going to or keeping track of on telly.


We’ll also keep you up to date with new vehicles released and driven – what’s going on in the business of personal mobility. An enormous range of brands and models with an enormous range of available items means that choosing the right vehicle for your budget and transport need is not always easy. For that reason, we’ll cover a wide range of vehicles, from two wheels upwards.


Then there’s motor sport, which, depending on the category, is a mix of sport and business. But it is also important to the industry for brand promotion and, sometimes, engineering development. As it’s therefore both fun and important we’ll keep a keen eye on who’s doing what and how it’s working for them.


APART FROM ALL THAT is my collection of motoring and motor sport memorabilia, gathered over more than 50 years as I combined personal interest and passion with work. . . . Some of it is on display at Will Hagon’s Kew Pit Stop, about four hours with stops, from Sydney. We only have about one third of it on display at the moment but are working at unpacking and sorting the rest of it so that we – and then you – can find all of what’s here.


Some of the stock is so rare or valuable that I’ll keep it for display or reference only but most is for sale. I want to cut it down to a manageable amount that I can enjoy.


Thanks for calling in, I hope you’ll find Pit Stop interesting – and don’t forget our T-shirts with an excellent John Stoneham (Stonie) design in good quality cotton and a wide range of sizes and colours - black, grey, yellow or, white for $20. And our TV is always running, either with current motor sport or DVDs.


Best wishes,


Will Hagon

Motoring journalist, motor sport commentator, author, broadcaster, Master of Ceremonies, script writer, mad enthusiast, collector and now shop proprietor!